What We Do At Here We Grow

Our mission is to provide consistent, high-quality, locally-grown vegetables year-round to regional businesses and communities through innovative food production and local food awareness. Here We Grow, will use aquaponics as well as other hydroponic growing mediums as tools to sustain, educate, and create all natural local food. Here We Grow also aims to provide a comprehensive design service catering to landscape and food production design, within the practices of permaculture. 

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Objectives and Vision

Here We Grow will supplement the local food supply with proven innovations in modern farming and design using permaculture principles to increase efficiencies, improve food quality and expand local food access. Through collaborating with local businesses to provide customized service, we bring a local focus revitalizing blighted properties. We will also have the space for organizing multiple collaborative efforts in the local all natural food production industry with sustainable design and engineering. We envision applying our model to more properties in the region, creating a network of small to medium size commercial modern agricultural centers. We want to scale and expand the scope of closed loop environmental systems to support local business.