What's Going On?

This page updates with new happenings on the farm. We will have updates on all things Cedar Creek Market Garden and all things Here We Grow Modern Farm

Cedar Creek Harvest.jpeg

Cedar Creek Market Garden

We have laid down plastic row cover to make a fresh start on our previous yellow squash rows. We harvested a handful of cantaloupe, a watermelon, 3 lbs of beans, 2 lbs of juicy tomatoes, and a couple pounds of stumpy carrots. Since we did not amend our carrot beds with sand, our carrots came up stumpy. Ya live and ya learn. 

Can you spot the watermelon?

Can you spot the watermelon?


Decay is cool

I found this cantaloupe mid-decay while harvesting. I want someone to help me understand what is actually going on in this picture. The colors of the fungus colonization / bacteria are stunning.  

Tall Lettuce.JPG

Letting the Lettuce Go

We are letting the lettuce be in our system for a couple weeks longer than usual. We do this to monitor the lettuce as are systems evolves and finds balance. We have put the next cycle of our baby greens into the rafts, this time to sell.