Projects on the Farm

As we grow in our greenhouse and in our market garden, we are also starting sustainable projects around Cedar Creek. Our projects are solution-based and sustainably serves Cedar Creek as a whole. Whether it is soil remediation or increased self-sufficiency,  we are always trying to find ways to improve our environment and environment around us.  

Heirloom Wheat.JPG

Soil Remediation with Heirloom Wheat

Last fall we planted heirloom wheat on a site that held different pieces of refuse that included concrete and metal. The wheat was able to over-winter and come to life this past spring. The wheat is actively remediating the soil by replacing nutrients and breaking up compact soil. The wheat has been harvested and ready for another parcel!

Reusing Fish Waste 

Every day we have to drain the sludge from our fish tank filter. The sludge is unadulterated fish waste. This waste is heavy in ammonia and is harmful to the fish and the lettuce we grow. However, this waste also serves as a fertilizer for turf (grass) that is having a hard time growing due to lack of microbial activity in the soil. The fish waste kick-starts any microbial activity, especially aerobic microbes. Another important use for fish waste is to kick-start our compost at our garden site. This will rev-up the microbes and provide us with rich compost next season. 

Farm to Table

This season we have planted more herbs and tomatoes. We are focusing on crops that the kitchen of the Town Hall of Cedar Creek will use most often. We are having great success with our tomatoes and culinary herbs. Our herbs include two different varieties of oregano, multiple varieties of mint, multiple varieties of basil, thyme, lemon verbena and sweet marjoram.