Our Modern Farm

Here We Grow is a modern urban farm company located in the small rural town of New Haven, Missouri. Our modern farm will specialize in year-round production of food to supplement the growing demand for local fresh vegetables and leafy greens by area businesses as well as offering permaculture design, food production consulting services, and educational programs.

We have designed a custom controlled environmental system that will encompass a closed loop interdependent ecosystem. Our facilities will employ several unique design factors built for the St. Louis region. Highly client centered, we will actively work with customers to involve them in the entire growing process by creating a customized local food menu. 

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Here We Grow Facility and Production

On the Cedar Creek Conference Center's property, We are creating a beautiful, state-of-the-art lean-to greenhouse on a previously used horse barn. There will be a controlled space for our aquaculture inside the barn and plant production will be in the greenhouse. Here We Grow will produce up to 100,000 units of culinary herbs and leafy greens annually. In addition, we are projected to raise over 2,000 pounds of fish, worms, and fresh water shrimp. This production will allow us to sell to 6-8 restaurants and 2 grocery stores. Our scaled model in year 3 will allow us to serve 15-18 restaurants and 3-4 grocery stores in the city and county of St. Louis, MO.

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Our Growing Systems

Inside our greenhouse we will employ a diverse set of systems. These systems include a floating raft system for our main produce production, a rock media bed for bio-enhancement and supplementary production, and a hydroponic racking system for our seed germination. 

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Rock media bed with red wiggler worms. The worms act as a disposal, devouring the solids and turning it into nutrients. 

Rock media bed with red wiggler worms. The worms act as a disposal, devouring the solids and turning it into nutrients. 

Floating raft system. 

Floating raft system. 

The Agricultural Campus

The lot that we are building our greenhouse on will grow into an agriculture campus within phase II. After dialing in our growing systems, we plan to build another 'passive' growing facility, educational gardens, restore habitats, and beautify the immediate area with permaculture design.

Why St. Louis?

The St. Louis market is opportunistic for the new modern farm era! The climate is subtropical and ideal for growing. Being in the breadbasket of the world, most of the agriculture produced in the region is soy, corn, and wheat. Most of the vegetable production is purchased from California and Canada. St. Louis' local food supply chain has not meet the rapid increasing demand for fresh local vegetables and herbs. Economically, there exists extreme poverty and lack of food creating food deserts and lack of food awareness. We will bring increased production capability to an underserved market.

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