The Design Process

Here We Grow has started a design firm by practicing permaculture within our capacities as landscape designers and food production consultants. In every application, we employ a comprehensive design process that is tailored to our client's needs and improving human interaction with existing ecosystems and communities. 

Here We Grow also provides detailed farm auditing and budgeting for beginning farmers and clients. We also provide educational and community programming through our design firm and also our modern farm campus. Whether it is building a curriculum, hosting educational field trips, or assisting with non-profit community programs, Here We Grow can help. 

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This initial stage includes an introduction meeting between Here We Grow and a potential client. A client interview will articulate any initial goals and elements the client may have with their project, as well as starting a dialogue about any additional elements/services Here We Grow can provide. 

Establishing Elements and Goals

Once the client interview and survey is complete, we will then be able to establish the elements and goals of the project. Other important aspects will include a timeline as well as a statement of work for the project. Elements within a design can be described as a design aspect. Aspects include an orchard, food forest, silvaculture/silvopasture, water management, garden farms, greenhouse/learning center, and land and habitat renewal


The Design process will visually bring to life what the project will look like upon completion. The completion of a project can vary from project to project, but our design process can allow our clients to see what their project will look like through a phase plan, and also what it will look like years into the future. Designs can be done digitally as well as hand-drawn. Steps of the process include a base map, concept mapping, zone and sector mapping, and rough drafts. 

Site Analysis and Assessment

Site analysis and assessment is a detailed report of existing functions, patterns, and problems on the site. This report will also investigate different aspects of the site which include ecological, social, financial, historical, and elemental. This step often includes one or more site visits (perhaps during different weather events) and active communication with the client. Here We Grow can also provide a personalized farm audit, budget system, and farm projections that can help you manage your own farm or project years into the future. 

Implementation and Maintenance Plan

Here We Grow can provide specific plans that cater to the implementation and maintenance of a particular project. We can function as sole laborers, designers, or consultants. Or we can also hire sub-contractors to help implement and even maintain your project.