Current and Previous Projects

Listed below are current and previous projects that Drew Hundelt or Here We Grow has had the opportunity to work on. These projects range from functioning as just a designer, designer and project manager, and farmer / designer / project manager.


Pankratz Design, Spring of 2017

Located in Fenton, MO, on a hillslope, the Pankratz property has been experiencing issues with flooding from uphill. Here We Grow addressed this problem with a hugelkultur berm and swale solution. We found the lines of contour and from where the water was moving with the most force. This design was intended to stop the water from entering their house and into the ground instead. The berm will be a hugelkultur bed and utilize local biomass from their yard, and the water will further help the decomposition of said biomass (branches, grass, chicken waste). This solution will also leave room for a small orchard and perennial polyculture within the hugelkultur berm and swale system. 

Solution-based design incorporating berms and swales to infiltrate and spread the water instead of going directly to the house. 

Solution-based design incorporating berms and swales to infiltrate and spread the water instead of going directly to the house. 

HoffBrau Farms, Fall of 2016 

Brian Hoff, of Hoffbrau farms, hired Drew Hundelt, of Here We Grow, as the designer for his family's food forest / orchard design. Located in beautiful Southwest Missouri, we were given the chance to use our design skills to draw a master plan for a multi-stacking, pattern-heavy orchard. The design took an overall 50 hours of site visits, site research, site assessment, and design work to complete. Plans included excavation for a berm and swale, key-line design (as seen below). The fruit trees and nitrogen fixing black locusts will be planted onto the berms for water absorption as the water flows down the gradual slope. 


Hancock Concept Map Phase 1.png

Twisted Tree Farm - Spring 2017

Twisted Tree Farm, located on a beautiful ridge in Fenton Missouri, has sights set on converting their 10-acre property into a homesteading farm-scape. The design will be done through a phase-plan that may span across multiple phases. A focal point of this design will be the client's learning center. Elements are designed and patterns are formed around the learning center, as it will provide multiple functions for the family. 

Circle garden design.

Circle garden design.

Food forest integrating fish scale berm and swale system.

Food forest integrating fish scale berm and swale system.

farm panaramic 1.jpg

Hamill Farm - Previous but Ongoing

The Hamill Farm is a heritage farm kept in the Hundelt family for over 230 years. This homestead has been a self-sustaining farm, regenerating the Hamill family and having several businesses along the way. My grandmother, Lydia Hundelt, would always recite the following quote about how self sufficient the farm is: "We would only go into town for sugar and coffee."

Here We Grow developed a design to restore the property's history by implementing a garden farm just under an acre. This garden farm uses bio-intensive, organic growing practices that provides a wide diversity of crops. Planting the three-sisters (corn, beans, and squash) proved to be the focal point of this project.   

Relevant Experience

Front Range CC, Small Farm Management Certificate, 2014-2015

Practiced sustainable landscape design elements and small farm management.

  1. Water Harvesting
  2. Native Planting
  3. Right Plant, Right Place
  4. Habitat Renewal
  5. Crop Production
Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 6.22.30 PM.png

Permaculture Design Course, Denver Colorado, 2014-2015

Hands-on, comprehensive coursework integrating permaculture principles, techniques, and horticulture

Group project: completed a permaculture design for Univ. of CO - Colorado Springs greenhouse/garden

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 7.08.34 PM.png
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